megabit kinglet (monipoly) wrote in kill_us_please,
megabit kinglet

the beginning

Li Tee Vee: the thing about NY was the me 'n Moni Collision always went out.

Moni Collision: That night at Max's was revolutionary. Everyone from the fortress down on 7th avenue were there; Jules, Diego, Funky Fontane. Li Tee Vee shook her tambourine so hard those little metal plates cracked. The Ban Boo's had officially ignited the new movement. Meanwhile, I felt like puking. The chilli in NY was not to be touched, man.

Li Tee Vee: It felt as good as taking the opium out of the opium flowers and injecting it into my veins- even if I didn't do much drugs whilst in NY. I remember, after the show, me an' Funky Fontane went out to some diner in upper east village or something... we bumped into Erkane Sylvain - remember her? She was like the love child of Syl Sylvain an' Betty Belaou. Anyway, so me an' Funky were sitting in the diner an' these kids, 100 of 'em, flocked into the diner and circled us.
"aren't you Li Tee Vee from the Ban Boo's?"
"aw man we saw your show, you guys rock!"
It was the start of a revolution.
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